Need To Pick Up More Hours At Work? Utilize Dog Boarding Service

19 June 2019
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With your current work hours, you may find it possible to spend time with your dog in the morning and then come home in time to take them out to the bathroom. However, you may find out that you need to start taking on additional hours, which can cut into taking care of your dog. To avoid a situation in which your dog has any accidents or issues while you are away, you should make the commitment to board them during your lengthiest days. Read More 

4 Reasons To Get Your Dog Professionally Groomed

11 February 2019
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Getting your dog groomed by a professional may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but there are many practical benefits. Here are four reasons you should consider dog grooming services: 1. Get your dog used to being handled. Socialization is important for every dog, and the best way to socialize your dog is to expose them to a wide variety of people and animals. Being handled by the dog groomer can get your dog accustomed to being handled by strangers. Read More 

Before You Board Your Dog, Make Sure You Know About Kennel Cough

18 April 2018
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Dogs, like humans and all other animals, are susceptible to a certain number of communicable diseases. One of these diseases is kennel cough, an illness that causes cold-like symptoms such as coughing, a runny nose, and a low fever. Kennel cough is spread from dog to dog, often in facilities such as boarding kennels. So, if you are planning on putting your dog into the kennel any time soon, you should know the basics about kennel cough. Read More 

Benefits Of Doggy Daycare

24 September 2017
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If you work a lot then you may be concerned about what your dog is doing while you are away. Also, you may feel bad leaving them home alone all day when dogs are social animals. You have an option available to you that comes in the form of doggy daycare. This is a daycare center for dogs that you can bring them to while you can't be with them. They will be supervised, cared for and exercised. Read More 

Hearing Loss In Older Dogs: Symptoms And Management Options

5 June 2017
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Just as many people lose their hearing in old age, so do dogs. If you have a dog who is entering his or her golden years, it's important to watch out for signs of failing hearing. If you do think your dog is losing his hearing, there are plenty of things you can do to keep him more comfortable. Signs Of Hearing Loss In Dogs Changing Obedience If your dog used to be very obedient to your commands but is now growing a bit lax, it could be because he cannot hear you as clearly anymore. Read More