Board Your Dog Rather Than Take It On Vacation

3 April 2023
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When you're planning a vacation for your family, one topic that you'll need to consider is what you'll do with your dog. While a part of you might like the idea of having the pet travel with you — and there's a good chance that your kids will be in favor of this idea, too — there are a number of drawbacks to doing so. It can be a better idea to find a local pet boarding service, schedule a visit to assess the amenities and meet the staff, and then arrange to have the service care for your pet while you're on vacation. Here are some reasons to board your dog rather than take it on your family vacation.

Car Issues

Many family vacations involve a lot of driving. While some dogs can handle long car rides, many cannot. Some dogs become motion sick, which can result in a mess in your vehicle that requires prompt attention and that can put you behind schedule. Even if your dog doesn't actually get sick, it might act anxiously in the vehicle and get on your family's nerves. If you don't want this hassle and also don't like the idea of subjecting your pet to an environment that it doesn't enjoy, boarding it is a better idea.

Hotel Problems

If your family plans to stay in one or more hotels during your vacation, there can be some challenges if you plan to arrive with a pet. While some hotels do not permit animals, many do — but will charge a fee to any family that visits with a pet. Additionally, you can face various issues at the hotel. For example, if you go out for a meal and your dog barks while it's in the room alone, other guests may complain and you might feel embarrassed when a staff member brings this to your attention upon your return. When you board your dog, you'll avoid these potential problems.

More Freedom

When your family plans each day of its vacation while traveling with a dog, it's important to take the presence of the pet into account. For example, unless you plan to leave the pet in the hotel for the entire day, you'll need to choose activities that are pet friendly. This can limit the number of things your family can do while on vacation, which isn't ideal. When you don't travel with the dog, you'll be able to see and do whatever you want, which offers more freedom that everyone will enjoy. Look online to find a pet boarding service in your community.