Is Boarding Your Dog During Your Vacation The Right Move?

3 May 2017
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As summer approaches, you and your family have to decide whether or not to take your dog along for the trip. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for your dog to travel, so you have to make alternative arrangements for it. Regardless of why you have to leave your dog at home, boarding it is an option that offers safety and peace of mind. If you are considering boarding, here is what you need to know.  

What Should You Look For? 

Before you can make a decision about whether or not to board your dog, you need to assess the facilities in your area to determine if any of them would meet your pet's needs. Each facility has different amenities that may or may not appeal to you and your dog.  

Ideally, you should arrange a tour with each one you are considering so you can see firsthand how dogs are treated. Before starting your tours though, make a list of needs that your dog has so you can look for facilities that are capable of handling them.  

For instance, if your dog has a restricted diet or requires medication, you want to ensure the staff is capable of following your dog's dietary needs and can administer the medication as needed.  

In addition to learning about the amenities offered by the facilities, you need to know what would be required of you and your dog. For instance, all facilities have immunization requirements that must be met before a dog can be accepted.  

How Do You Prepare Your Dog for Boarding? 

If your dog has not been separated from you and your family before, boarding can sometimes be challenging. To help your dog adapt to the experience, you need to prepare before taking your dog to the facility.  

Try to take along some of your dog's favorite toys and its bedding. You also need to ensure the staff knows any special needs that your dog has, such as being segregated from other dogs.  

When it is time to check your dog into the facility, try to be upbeat. If you panic or show anxiety, your dog will sense it and you could trigger a negative reaction from it. Although you might be tempted to have a long goodbye with your dog, keep it short. Dragging it out will make it more difficult for you and your dog to separate from each other.  For more information, talk to a professional like Canine Country Quarters.