How To Take Good Care Of Your Dog's Coat This Spring

31 March 2017
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Spring is the time of year when dogs generally shed the most, which means it is also the time of year where your dog needs you to pay the most attention to their grooming. Here are a few tips to help your dog out during the spring months where they lose their old winter coat, and a nice, new coat of fur comes in.

#1 Give Your Dog More Baths

Bathing is one of the best places to start helping your dog out this spring. Getting bathed on a regular basis will help your dog shed their fur, and it will also address any flaking issues they may be experiencing as a result of dry skin on their bodies.

When you give your dog a bath, do not use your own shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo and conditioner made for humans generally contains chemicals and perfumes that actually dry out your dog's skin. Instead, purchase shampoo and conditioner that is especially made for your dog.

If your dog's coat looks a little dry, try to find an oatmeal shampoo as well as a gentle conditioner to use on their skin. This should help restore the shine and luster to their coats.

When you give your dog a bath, be sure to clean their ears and make sure that they are mite free. Also, carefully clean their paws and apply paw ointment if your dog is experiencing cracks in their pays.

#2 Clean Your Dog's Belongings

Everything you give your dog a bath, you should also clean their belongings as well. Wash all of their beds and blankets, so that all of the dry skin and old fur is not transferred back onto their bodies after you bath them. You should also clean their harnesses and leashes. To clean these items, you just need to soak them in some hot water mixed with gentle dog cleaning soap, and allow them to dry.

#3 Brush your Dog

Finally, during the spring, if you have, time to brush your dog's coat a couple of times a week. This will help remove the fur that they are shedding from their bodies, and make it easier for their new coat to come in.

Start by brushing around their ears, head and neck. Work your way down to their back and tail, and finally, get their underbelly. This will help your dog out and will help you out too. Your house will be cleaner if you brush your dog more often during the spring, as less hair should be shed around your house. 

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