What To Look For In Doggie Day Care?

22 July 2015
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Dogs are members of the family.  When the rest of the family heads off to work and school, man's best friend is left at home.  While many dogs are perfectly content to be have some alone time, some dogs don't do well with the lack of entertainment and company.  Some can't hold their bladder all day long.  These reasons are why doggie day cares exist.

Putting pooches in " dog day care" is becoming a popular thing to do, and your area may have several of these facilities to choose from.  How can you make the best choice for your pet? Here are some things to look for when searching for a day care that is appropriate for your best friend!

  • Is the facility clean? When you step into the facility are you overwhelmed by the smell of animals?  Just because the building has a lot of dogs doesn't mean it should smell like it.  If workers clean messes immediately and the ventilation system works as it should, there is no reason why the facility should overwhelm you with its smell.
  • Is there an evaluation process?  A good day care will thoroughly evaluate each dog and make a decision about whether the animal is a good fit.  You will likely need to fill out a very detailed application.  This application and a personal evaluation of the animal is meant to keep all animals safe.  Rethink sending your pet to a day care that does not have a detailed application and evaluation. 
  • Are large and small dogs separated?  Facilities that separate large and small dogs are desirable.  A large dog can hurt a small dog easily, even if they are just playing. 
  • Do the animals spend time in kennels?  Some doggie day cares kennel dogs for periods of time during the days.  There are many day cares that do not utilize kennels to house the animals in normal situations.  Whether or not you want your dog kenneled is a personal choice.
  • What kinds of activities are available?  Dogs should be socialized while at day care.  They should have time to frolic, run and chase things.  Wading pools, play areas and bubbles are fun activities that a day care may provide.  Pets should also have a comfy and relaxing place to rest.  How day cares provide these things can vary drastically.  Some have dogs take naps and rest in kennels, while others provide comfortable furniture and dog beds and allow the dogs to choose where and how they rest. 
  • How are the dogs fed, and is there always clean water available?  Find out how the day care deals with feeding.  Some dogs are very protective of their food.  Also make sure that there is always plenty of fresh water available for the pooches to drink and stay hydrated. 
  • What kind of training does the staff have?  Ask what kind of training is required to work with pets.  Also find out how the pets are monitored and how many workers are supervising the dogs at a given time. 
  • How does the staff deal with bad behavior?  Ask how they handle difficult situations and misbehaving dogs.  Is there a place where they can separate dogs that need some alone time?  How do they ensure that your pet will be safe?

Visit and get a feel for several different locations before making the decision that you think is best for your pet.  Chances are, they will enjoy the socialization and will have a fun and safe time!