How a Dog Training School Can Help Your New Pup Get Acclimated to Its New Home

14 March 2024
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Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging. Your new furry friend will need time to adjust to its new surroundings, and proper training is essential for helping your pup feel comfortable and safe in its new home. That's where a dog training school can be incredibly beneficial.  Establishing Routine and Consistency Dogs thrive on routine, and having a structured training schedule can help your pup feel secure and confident in their new home. Read More 

The Impact of Dog Board and Train Programs on Pet Socialization

14 December 2023
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Dog ownership comes with numerous responsibilities, and one of the most important aspects is ensuring your furry friend is well-trained and socialized. However, many dog owners struggle to find the time and expertise required to adequately train their pets. This is where dog boarding and training programs can make a significant difference. In this article, we will explore the impact these programs have on pet socialization and why they are a valuable investment for dog owners. Read More 

Preparing Your Feline Friend: Expert Tips for Boarding a Cat

26 September 2023
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When planning a vacation or business trip, ensuring the well-being of a beloved feline companion forms an essential part of preparations. Boarding a cat can be a great solution, providing professional care in a safe environment. However, preparing a cat for boarding requires careful planning. Here are some steps to help ease the process. Select a Boarding Facility Firstly, it's crucial to find a boarding facility that meets your needs. Research local options, read reviews, and visit the facility to ensure it offers a clean, comfortable, and secure environment. Read More 

Board Your Dog Rather Than Take It On Vacation

3 April 2023
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When you're planning a vacation for your family, one topic that you'll need to consider is what you'll do with your dog. While a part of you might like the idea of having the pet travel with you — and there's a good chance that your kids will be in favor of this idea, too — there are a number of drawbacks to doing so. It can be a better idea to find a local pet boarding service, schedule a visit to assess the amenities and meet the staff, and then arrange to have the service care for your pet while you're on vacation. Read More 

4 Tips For Grooming A Dog With Sensitive Skin

2 November 2022
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If your dog's skin is itchy and red after you groom and bathe them, they likely have sensitive skin. Dogs are prone to having sensitive skin because their skin is thinner than a human's and their fur traps irritants like pollen and dead skin cells. Grooming your dog will help remove these irritants, but you'll need to take extra care when you're grooming a dog with sensitive skin. Below, you'll find four tips that will help you groom your dog without irritating their skin. Read More