Common Question When Using A Dog Boarding Service

14 June 2022
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Are you heading out of town for a while and do not have anybody to look after your dog? The best option for you will be to use a dog boarding service. Here are some questions you'll likely have before you drop off your pet.

What Should You Bring? 

You're likely wondering what you need to bring with you when you drop off your pet. It is always a good idea to bring some of your dogs favorite toys so that they can have them to play with while they are being boarded. If your dog uses a specific bowl at home, you can also bring that as well to provide them with some additional comfort.

You'll also need to bring the food that they eat at home, as well as directions for how much you feed your dog each day. If you have specific directions about the times they are fed, provide those as well. 

Bring records of your dogs vaccinations so that the boarding service knows that your dog is up to date on all of their shots. If they need medication, provide it in a sealed bag with your dog's name on it so the medication does not get lost. Put each medication in its own bag, along with directions on how it is to be given to your dog. 

What Happens If Your Dog Has An Emergency?

The boarding service will want to know the information about your dog's veterinarian in case there is an emergency. This way they know who to contact that has accurate information about your dog's medical history. It is also a good idea to provide an emergency contact, preferably someone that lives close by, that can come to get your dog in case there is an urgent emergency and they need assistance. 

What Should You Do Before Boarding Your Dog? 

Your dog is going to be spending time in a crate while they are being boarded, so it is best to get them used to the idea while they are at home. If you do not already have a crate, it is a good idea to get one and start crate training your dog. This way they are not completely unfamiliar with the idea of sleeping in a crate while they are at the boarding facility.

Still have questions about boarding your dog? Reach out to a local dog boarding facility for more information.